Health & Safety

A few health & Safety reminders to ensure everyone has a fun & safe day!

  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your event start time, and listen to the safety briefing.
  • No dogs, Bicycles, Roller-blades permitted. Prams, buggies are welcome; please start with the walkers. Kids scooters are not recommended.
  • Make sure you line up with your group; Runners, Joggers, Walkers.
  • Wheelchair participants to start at the front of the race.
  • Stay to the left of the road, barriers and road cones, and follow the directions of Marshals and Officials.
  • Runners and walkers may be stopped to allow traffic queues to flow
  • If you come across an injured participant or have any safety concerns please notify the nearest Marshal or official.


The main thing is to have fun 🙂 any questions on the day our friendly City2Surf crew are there to help


Read the full terms & conditions Here

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