My Pre-Training Foot Check with SportsMed Volume 2



Written by Jon


So, after my session with Greg at SportsMed, I decided I’d go out for a 4km lap of South Hagley Park to give them a little test run. On first impressions they were really comfortable. I felt that my feet were both supported and cushioned when running through the park. It was a pleasure to not have any pain at that point. I have to admit that I had not been running for a couple of weeks and therefore my legs were well rested. I really felt good on that run, but I was aware that I couldn’t go out and run too much too quickly.


A couple of days later, I went out and did a few fast paced laps of a 400m track to build up some speed and leg strength. Again, I was really impressed and at that stage, I had no pain whatsoever. I followed that a couple of days later with another lap of South Hagley Park and again, I was in control, without pain and enjoying my running.


I went back to see Greg for a follow up and told him the good news. He was pleased, but again told me, I wasn’t out of the water yet. I’d had weeks of good running before so I knew there was still a long process to go. Greg had another look at my running and foot position with the orthotics in my shoes. He said they were looking good, but could have had a little more support to stop any form of pronation. Greg decided to do some manipulations on the orthotics to angle my foot better on impact with the ground. He used the analogy of a seesaw. What he was intending to do was to move the point of pivot further towards the inside of my foot. This would result in it being supported even further when running. See the picture below of the manipulation Greg made.




You’ll see the areas of ‘Canterbury Colours’ that Greg added to the orthotics. Time would tell how this would affect my feet, but, it was deemed that this would feel more comfortable for me on my runs and put less pressure on the inside of my leg.


I’m due to head back to see Greg next week for another check up so I will continue this article once I have had a week of running on these new adjustments. Fingers crossed!