Healthy Families Christchurch Blog Entry #5- One day to go! Wrap up from Tamara



So I think I’ve learnt over the last few weeks that I really don’t love long distance running! Haha!! although I have enjoyed incorporating more running into my busy schedule, finding the time to fit an hour and a half or so of just running has been a struggle; and then during the run I find myself getting restless and thinking about all the other things I could be doing.

After the big race this Sunday I still hope to keep up the running fitness I have developed though, and would like to be able to maintain the fitness to comfortably run 5km. Working in Healthcare we are faced daily with the grim realities of mortality and illness and I think this naturally instils in us the importance of maintaining our health and wellbeing. Our cardiovascular fitness is so essential for the overall health and running of our bodies so I know this is an important activity to make the effort to maintain.

Incorporating more running into my schedule during this training has definitely changed my way of thinking when it comes to transport. When practical I try and leave the car at home and run to my destination instead. This obviously requires a little more forward planning and preparation but the bonus is that I don’t need to contest with traffic or the hassle and stress of trying to find a car park, especially in the city and around the hospital!

I’m definitely feeling nervous about the race but I’m looking forward to the feeling of accomplishment as I cross the finish line! Good luck to all the other runners for the City to Surf!


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