Healthy Families Blog entry #4 – An update from Tamara

The last couple of weeks brought some pretty warm days which made for some tough runs.

One of my training tactics has been getting a ride to work with my partner; making him drop me off on the way to his office. This means come the end of the day I’ve got no choice but to run home. My usual run home from work is between 5 and 6 kms. Over the last week we were house sitting for some friends in Halswell, so slightly further away. I searched the best route to get me home, which was an 11km run. Pretty good training for the city to surf, only a few km’s short! But holy moly it was so hot! I had my backpack with my work gear but I hadn’t fit my water bottle in… big mistake! I struggled my way through the middle part of the run but ended up stopping at a petrol station to buy a small bottle of water to save the day. The run took me around an hour and half, not too bad but I was definitely abit disappointed as I know I can run that sort of distance quicker.

If the weather’s rubbish or I can’t quite summons the motivation to go for a run then I’ve been making sure I do a decent run on the treadmill at the gym. A friend of mine, who is a great long distance runner, recommended increasing the incline on the treadmill so it more closely mimics the gradient of running outside on the pavement. Treadmill running is quite good for me to ensure I’m sticking to the same pace. My main problem running outside is that I start the run off all guns blazing and going too fast to keep the same pace for the whole run, meaning I slowly drop back to a slower speed. This next couple of weeks I want to work on starting out at a pace that I’ll be able to consistently hold. Hopefully this will help me get through the longer distances.

With the City to surf fast approaching it’s time to ramp up the training, incorporating longer sessions!

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