Healthy Families Christchurch Blog Entry #3 Ruben’s Training update


Sticking to my running schedule has been a little tricky over the past fortnight. Like many of you I’m sure the big fires on the Port Hills side tracked me a little, and even though I live a fair way away, there was even a small fire near where I like to run out east, so it really hit home and got me a little side tracked.

Since my last blog though I’ve received some advice, ‘that If I can get to around 11k before March the 19 I should be able to complete the full 14km as running with others and a little adrenaline can often help carry you further’, (and hopefully across the finish line!)

This week my goal is to hit 9km through the forest then keep building to get to 11 over the next fortnight. From there I’ll make a conscious effort to run on some harder surfaces to insure I’m ready come the City2Surf on March 19.

I guess the key is to fighting off distractions and as they say … onwards and upwards.


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