Healthy Families Christchurch Blog Entry #2 Tamara’s training!


Tamara training at Hagley Park (photo credit: @theworldisacircus)

Tamara Milne – City2Surf running blog. 14km


I have a bit of a love/hate thing going on when it comes to running! But I’ve had my rubber arm twisted and been gently encouraged to train for the City to Surf. It’s amazing what a little encouragement from your mates can do, and now is as pretty good time as my workplace currently participating in the EDGE 100 day exercise challenge, plenty of encouragement and peer support to push me back on that exercise band wagon, the same one I seem to fall off every now and again but slowly find something to encourage me to climb back on.

I’ve run a half marathon before so I know that training and completing a race like this is achievable, it’s just that running is not a fitness favourite of mine. So I need to put in some serious feet to pavement hours in order to get myself fit enough to cross the finish line.

At the moment I’m back to struggling my way thru a 5km slog. I plan on running 3 or 4 times a week in the lead up to the City to Surf, but also I really want to keep up with the other forms of exercise that I really enjoy like circuit training, bootcamps and hill walking.

 I live on the hill so unless I drive to a particular track my run inevitably involves hills. Uphill is most definitely not a strength of mine… I end just bent over at ninety degrees trying to propel myself up rather ungracefully. I’m hoping though that the fact my training involves gradient changes it will help with my overall fitness for running on the flat… here’s hoping!

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m relatively fit, but the biggest hurdle for me will be not making excuses! Sometimes shift work at the Hospital can hinder the best laid plans… a hectic evening shift or a horrendous night on call can mean I wake up the next day thinking I’m far too tired to go for a run,  even though I’ve never regretted it when I have gone and I in fact I usually feel a hundred times better if I do!

My challenge for the next couple of weeks is no excuses.. just get it done!


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