Terms & Conditions

By purchasing an entry for the 2020 Star Media City2Surf  you have agreed to the below terms and conditions of this event as outlined below:


1. Right of entry reserved.
2. You must wear your official entry sticker on the front of your shirt. Please
complete the details on the front of the sticker, and list any existing medical
conditions or allergy that may affect you in the Star Media City2Surf. Your
entry sticker allows you to enter either the 14km or Sport Canterbury 6km
3. The City2Surf route is on footpaths, roads, fields and paths with uneven
surfaces, trip hazards. Risks are increased because of the large number of
participants, their different skill level and unfamiliarity with the course.
4. Despite best efforts, participants in the Star Media City2Surf are still at risk of
injury, and participate entirely at their own risk .
5. Entrants accept full responsibility for their safety and property during the Star
Media City2Surf.
6. Please report any safety concerns to the closest marshal or official.
7. In the case of a safety or medical emergency, notify the closest marshal or
dial 111.
8. We advise you not to wear headphones
9. You must follow instructions from marshals.
10. No dogs, bicycles, roller-blades or scooters are permitted on the course.
11. 14km Runners, Joggers and walkers are to assemble in Centennial Park
adjacent to the sign that says Assemble here. Joggers join the tail end of
runners, followed by walkers. Please stay off the road until you are requested
to line up. The Sport Canterbury 6km will start at 10am at Hansen Park.
Runners will be called to start first, followed by joggers then walkers. You
must listen to the safety briefing and follow the directions of the marshals and
12. Participants in the Star Media City2Surf create delays to motorists along the
route. A requirement of our traffic management plan is that once the main
bunch of participants have passed, groups. Runners and walkers will be
stopped at major road crossings (eg. Barrington Street, Colombo Street,
Waltham Road, Ensors Road) to allow traffic queues to clear.
13. Stay on the course at all times, and keep to the left of roads, inside barriers
and road cones. There will be marshals along the route.
14. You may be stopped by marshals to allow traffic though.
15. Although sections of the course are subject to an official road closure during
the Star Media City2Surf, vehicles (including Police, St John and other
emergency vehicles) will be permitted on the course. Please take care and
watch for the presence of vehicles along the route, from both behind and in
front, at all times.
16. Write contact details on the clothing tag portion of your bib and attach this
to your clothing. Star Media City2Surf is not supplying single use bags. The
clothing is then placed in a clothing box. Remember the box number. No
Clothes tag = no transport. Clothing can be collected from the finish area.
17. Clothing will be manned from 7.45am and available for collection until
12.30pm. Unclaimed clothing will be left at Star Media office.
You will need to contact info@city2surf.co.nz or call 03 379 7100 to claim any
clothing. Clothing will not be available at the finish line until 10.15 for the 14km and
11.15 for the 6km
18. Star Media accepts no responsibility for any lost possessions or clothing.
19. Children 10 years old and under on 22 March 2020 can enter the race free of
charge. They do not require an entry sticker or entry confirmation, however the
participating parent or guardian accepts full responsibility for the health and
safety of the children in their care, at a ratio of 1 adult per 4 children max.
20. We recommend the participating child has the parent or guardians contact
details written on their arm in case of separation or an emergency.
21. Team managers who submit entry forms on behalf of their team members
undertake to make sure each team member participating in the event is aware
of these terms and conditions.
22. Do not participate if you are sick, have vomited, had diarrhoea or an abnormal
temperature within the past 48 hours. In the event of illness, accident or injury
the participant consents to receiving necessary medical treatment and to
have personal and medical information shared with medical professionals and
event organisers.
23. There will be media coverage and publication of this event across Star Media
platforms. By participating in this event the participant consents to the use of
photo, audio, video content without consent or payment.
24. To claim a prize the winner must be wearing their 2020 Star Media
City2Surf entry sticker and be present at the prize giving.
25. No refunds will be issued after 01/03/2020. refunds are at the discretion of
Star Media.
26. No refunds on merchandise, charity donations, bus tickets or marquee
27. Entry stickers are transferable, however the transferred entry sticker must
have that persons contact details and any medical conditions on the entry
28. If the 2020 Star Media City2Surf has to be cancelled due to force
majeure there will be no refund of entry fee.
Water and toilets will be available along the course as well at the finish line.
Do not come along to the Star Media City2Surf feeling hungry. A suggested
breakfast is fruit, eggs, high-fibre toast, and water or milk.
There will be buses running on the day.
Pre book your ticket at city2surf.co.nz.